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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Western World, the Bible, and Matthew Ch. 24 in the New Testament

Interpreting scriptures or any documents of any kind are difficult because human word languages are not precise as mathematical statements are. However, if the written material is by a single teacher or writer, one can do a better interpretation because the material can be unified or be made consistent. The New Testament is thus more simple to interpret because the material is produced either by Jesus Christ or a few of his followers.

So, my book, The First Scientific Proof of God (click), is focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. My interpretation of the New Testament concludes that Jesus was a clever communicator and must be interpreted as speech with metaphors. For instance, when speaking to workers, Jesus used work metaphors. But, when speaking to thinkers, Jesus uses general metaphors. I found his teachings to be new, consistent, and clear. I also conclude that his teachings will communicate to humans for millenniums. For this reason, I conclude that the teaching of Jesus Christ has a divine origin and purpose.

Those people who have a belief that Jesus Christ is coming soon, in order to judge people and save them because the world is ending, have interpreted this saying based on no science at all. But, one can interpret this same saying based only on science. With science, I conclude that our sun has lived less than 50% of its completed life. So, several billion years of life on the planet earth are still possible. So, I conclude that Jesus Christ might appear on planet earth many times before the sun darkens so that he, who is the contracted maximum individual, can teach us newer goals.

But, if people on planet earth did not learn how to travel from planet earth to another liveable planet by the time that the sun darkens, I say that well trained Sons of man, who are space astronauts rather than angels, so that earthlings will not weep and gnash their teeth from the darkening of the sun. This is a modern way that Noah would have saved all living things from the floods of the Tigris/ Euphrates rivers.

It is time for believers in God to use science to develop the self knowledge taught by Jesus Christ.


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