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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Disorderly Rise of the Western World Out of Man’s Natural Ignorance

Since most Christians have not studied Plato’s negative, the theological work of Nicholas of Cusa, and the philosophical work of Friedrich Hegel, I conclude that members of the religions or Judaism and Islam have also not studied these three works. So, I recommend that members of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam study these three works and communicate them to all new generations. My book on The First Scientific Proof of God (click) is a summary of the works of Plato and Nicholas of Cusa. I also summarize the work of Hegel on this website. As a Christian, in my book I also brought the New Testament scripture into science and the modern world. I recommend that Judaism and Islam also bring their scriptures into science and the modern world.

Based on my modern research on God and God’s created universe, it is clear that no member of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, or any person in the world, can ever become an infidel because a monotheistic God gives gifts when created but does not reward or punish already created humans. Thus, I conclude that killing a human for infidelity is a major error of man. This error was natural during and before the Middle Ages. But, this error is no longer natural at all because the modern science of the Western world has lifted Westerners out of this past natural ignorance.

However, many people in the Western world are rising out of this past natural ignorance too slowly. This disorderly rise has occurred because some Western nations have progressed faster than other nations. So, a heavy dose of diplomacy, rather than war, terrorism, free trading, and bloodlines, is necessary to eliminate this disorderly rise of human intelligence.


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