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Monday, February 18, 2008

More Killings By the US National Institutes of Health

On TV last evening, 60 Minutes reported more patient killings as a result of the atheistic practices of the US National Institutes of Health. Like my blog yesterday on Type II diabetes, apparently Bayer Corporation has developed a drug for patients who must undergo bypass heart surgery. To save costs of using blood transfusions, since used, this TV report said that this very expensive drug has killed 2000 patients every month.

Without even doing any reasearh on this drug, I believe that this drug might produce dirty negatives when added to humn blood. Such dirty negatives could produce foreign bodies due to the side effects of the drug. Unless the US National Institutes of Health changes its view of the universe from the atheistic view to the godly view, the killing rate of medical patients can be expected to increase continually.


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