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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Western World and the Son of God, I

Speaking only about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, only Christianity says that a monotheistic God has a Son. Nicholas of Cusa was the first theologian who would try to understand scientifically that God has a Son by necessity. Cusa develops this understanding in Book I, Chapter 8 of his book, On Learned Ignorance. There, he uses the symbol One to represent God just as Plato also uses the symbol One to represent God in his Parmenides.

Note. A monotheistic God cannot be multiplied like the number one is multiplied into new and different numbers such as two, three, four, ...etc. To multiply the oneness of a monotheistic God, the nature of God does not change. So, if one multiplies God, the symbol One will generate new symbols such as Once, Equality, Identical, etc. Among these new symbols, Cusa uses the symbol Equality because a plurality of different qualities in our world can come only from Equality.

Now we can see how things are generated in the world in which we live and how things are generated in the world of God. In our finite world, multiplication proceeds from a father to a son. Thus, in our world, the nature of all finite things has permanence but also change. But, in God’s world, the nature (or substance) of God does not change. Thus, in God’s world, multiplication proceeds from the Father and Son So, In God’s world, the Father is represented by the symbol One and the Son is represented by Equality (of One). Then, Cusa forms the Christian Trinity by unifying the Father and Son, of God’s world, with the symbol Union. The symbols One, Equality, and Union thus converts the Christian trianity into a science.

So, there is a Son of God. Tomorrow, I will use science to show how the Son of God can appear in our world. The information in this blog is also found in more detail in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. (click)

I do agree with those Christians who call the Union the Holy Spirit. But I do not agree with those Christians who equate the Holy Ghost to the Holy Spirit.


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