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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Western World and the Son of God, II

The Son of God, who is united absolutely with an infinite God, can appear in our finite world. But, the appearance of the Son of God is a necessary event. The appearance of Son of God is necessary because the knowledge of man is not sufficient to guide living things alone in a world that has no end. As I say often, man cannot complete the knowledge about a created universe. So, the purpose of the Son of God is to fill in this gap of human knowledge. The Son of God fills this gap by informing us of the futures of the creation. With this information from the Son of God, we are able to establish goals, which can be aligned to futures described by the Son of God.

In Ch. 24 of Matthew, Jesus Christ provides important information about the future death of our sun. Since the sun will not die for about two billion years, the Son of God told us about this future event long before it occurs. Since Son of God told us about this future, he expects us to make goals that prepare us for the sun’s death. Jesus also told us that our sons (Son of man) must save people from the sun’s death, just as Noah made a boat to save all living things from the future flood of the Tigris/Euphrates. So, our sons must build spacecrafts that can transport people from planet earth to a new and young planet. Our sons have achieved the first goal when they landed on the moon in the 1960s. These astronauts are the angels that Jesus spoke of in Ch, 24 of Matthew.

My interpretation of Ch. 24 of Matthew will send a shock wave through the minds of religious people because they expect to be judged and given either a beautiful and eternal life in Heaven or an ugly and eternal life in Hell. But, this reward or punish form of life is not what Jesus Christ is teaching in Ch. 24 of Matthew. The information that Jesus provides tells us that the beautiful or ugly life is created only by us. Thus, the beautiful life Jesus speaks of comes with human goals. I show how this beautiful life is created by man in Part IV of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. (Click) On the other hand, man creates the ugly life when goals are not made. For example, today’s US laissez-fair capitalism creates an ugly life because it has no national goals.

In the next blog, I will discuss how the Son of God appears in our world.


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