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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Way Humans Develop Knowledge About a Monotheistic God

God’s knowledge is different from human knowledge. This is why God’s knowing is called ‘wisdom.’ Human knowledge belongs to all humans. Our knowledge can never be completed, to the point where human knowledge could be called ‘all human knowledge.’ Some religions equate all human knowledge to God’s wisdom. This equation is an error and is thus un true. I reject the teaching of Joseph Smith and the Mormon scriptures because Smith says that Jesus Christ attained all human knowledge and thus became God. This is impossible. The Son of God is God. God appears in our world as the Son of God.

If we examine a thing made by a person, we can determine the thoughts that were necessary to make that thing. By doing this examination, we are getting into the mind of that person. When God creates a thing, we can examine that thing and determine the necessary thoughts that created the thing. By doing this examination, we are following the teaching of Paul at Rom. 1:20 and are gaining an understanding about the mind of God. But, humans can examine God’s created things forever without gaining all knowledge of all things that God creates.

Today, many people are followers of God. However, since they have developed very little knowledge about God's mind, not many of them follow the teaching of Paul. So, they live as best as possible and hope God to send them to Dante’s Paradise after death. But, 'The Divine Comedy’ by Dante was written long before modern science emerged. With modern science, humans are increasing our knowledge of the things God has already created. Below, are some essentials that have been already been found about God's mind as a result of ancient thoughts and modern science: God's mind is also spoken of as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Christianity. All essentials of God's mind below are thus absolute.

o Creator, Infinite, One, Equality, Union, Son of God, Maximum, Minimum.


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