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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Only Field of Truth

Modern science found that it is the only field of truth after it found the scientific method of proof during the Renaissance. This method has two steps, discovery and demonstration. A discovery is made when a phenomenon is found with our senses. On the other hand, a demonstration is made when a new law is found with our reason. This law explains the origin of the discovered phenomenon.

All other fields of thought can only produce opinions. One of these other fields is the field of religion. Some religions have scriptures and believe that the written words in scriptures are true. However, this belief is only an opinion because the written phenomena in these scriptures have never been ‘demonstrated,’ even though the scientific method has been available to the field of religion for more than 500 years. So, the opinions expressed by all religions on the face of the earth today can be challenged.

It is clear that ancient religious leaders did not demonstrate religious phenomena because the scientific method was unknown to them. However, the modern religious leaders have no excuse for not demonstrating their religious phenomena. Obviously, today’s religious leaders can be viewed as immoral leaders.

Recently, such immoral religious leaders have been found in a polygamic religion in Texas. Women in this religion are taught that three or more women are needed in every family for all family members to go to Heaven. Today, modern science knows that Heaven is a false teaching.

Isn’t it time for religions to modernize? Without modernizing, more and more people will be treated immorally. In other words, our justice personnel might ask whether criminals,.a Mafia, or other criminal organization are hiding under the legal field of religion.


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