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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Standard Social Science Model

The Standard Social Science Model (SSSM), which is used commonly by evolutionary psychologists, was introduced widely in 1992. (click) This introduction was one year before I experienced brain/language damage due to a carotid artery blockage. But, this introduction was only two years before I would recover the brain damage and retire from the National Institute of Justice at the US Department of Justice. However, by 1992, I had mastered the thoughts of Nicholas of Cusa and many other believers in God and had concluded, bu 1988,that the criminal mind is caused by flawed symbolic languages. So, in 1992, the SSSM was not of interest to me because I was convinced that a scientific proof of God was possible. This proof became actual in my 2006 book.

Today’s arguments against the SSSM are rational and are supported by my scientific proof of God. (click) On the other hand, the arguments for the SSSM and its improvement are the supporters of Darwin’s evolutionary theory and the atheists. But, such an improvement is not possible if my scientific proof of God is true. However, evolutionists and atheists have never shown that my scientific proof of God is false. Instead, the evolutionists and atheists seem to be attacking the scientific method of proof. But, this attack would mean that the laws of physics and chemistry are illusions.

Since the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation are spending lots of money on SSSM projects, isn’t it time for these US government agencies to determine whether God exists or does not exist? Since a science under God is very different compared to a godless science, these agencies should at least ask, ‘Which science is the true science?" A self-government that allows its colleges and universities to teach false sciences can only expect a national disaster.


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