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Friday, April 25, 2008

The US Government Has Turned the United States Away From God

Two social responsibilities are identified in the founding documents of the USA. One social responsibility is identified in the US Declaration of Independence as the "Laws of Nature and Nature’s God." A second social responsibility is identified in the US Constitution as "to form a more perfect Union." Clearly, these two social responsibilities are necessary human behaviors in the USA because the founders had authorized "a nation under God."

Were these two social responsibilities implemented by ‘the people’ and the US government? I can find no implementation of either responsibility. After the Lincoln assassination, the US government has allowed a laissez-faire economy to take hold in the USA. By allowing this form of economy to take hold, the USA began to lose its God. Today, one can conclude that the 1776 US experiment in freedom and self-governing have failed and that the USA is slowly becoming a totalitarian nation.

One sign of this change is the appearance of a permanent top 1% economic class, which is attached to a 9% middle class and a 90% poor class. These three economic classes are ungodly and irrational. Other signs of this change is the permanent appearance of ungodly laissez-faire management sciences and services, the permanent appearance of ungodly company Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the permanent class of ungodly liberal thinkers, the permanent ungodly me generation, and the permanent ungodly development of drug, criminal, polygamist, .... etc. cultures. People who judge these changes as morally right usually say that this is the way the USA works.

However, this is not the way God works. I say that unless the US government turns the US around, I expect nothing good in the future for most US citizens. Isn't it time for 'the people' to investigate the US government?


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