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Friday, April 18, 2008

A World of Things: As Expressed by Georg Cantor (1845-1918)

In yesterday’s blog, I discussed how God creates a world of things out of nothing. There, I show that God creates things from nothing by creating spiritual atoms first. These spiritual atoms form the ‘matter’ that the ancient atomists and our modern physicists have sought continuously, but never found.

The matter that underlies all things in the universe was never found because the ‘true matter’ is ‘spiritual’ not ‘physical.’ The ancient atomists did not find the ‘true matter’ because they sought physical explanations. The earliest explanation was four basic atoms known as earth, water, air, and fire. However, the true matter of the universe was never found by the early modern scientists because they also sought physical atoms and did not study the works of Nicholas of Cusa. The more recent modern scientists (1970s and beyond) did not find the true matter of the universe because they decided to reject God. However, with my scientific proof of God’s existence, man can now return to the path on which God wants us to be.

To extend Leibniz’s work on monadology and begin to develop new knowledge on the spiritual atoms, scientists need help from the transfinite numbers found by Georg Cantor. But, just like my character was assassinated and my book was devalued by today’s logicians, the logicians of Cantor’s time also assassinated his character and devalued his work. Yet, mathematicians eventually said that Cantor’s discovery of the transfinite numbers is one of those great discoveries in the field of mathematics. However, the field of mathematics is not developing Cantor’s new numbers because they have also rejected God. So, the current high rejection rate of God in the USA could be a sign of its fall.

In Part IV of my book, I summarize Cantor’s work. In general, the transfinite numbers define and count the things that God made for us. With the transfinite numbers, man begins to mathematicize the irreducible things that God made. The pic above is the first transfinite number.


  • At 3:06 PM, Anonymous Joyce Martimar, Martin Luther King College, Middleton said…

    You comparing yourself to Cantor is like Paris Hilton comparing herself to Einstein.

  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to joyce martimar,

    I am not comparing myself with Cantor. Cantor was a mathematician and I am a scientist. There is no comparison.

    Obviously, you haven't seen the effort of logicians to devalue me and my book on thie website. Also, l Look at the reviews of my book by logicians on Cantor went through the same experience with logicians. I am comparing our experiences, not our careers.

    Your comment is not based on sound research.



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