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Monday, April 14, 2008

A World of Things Make a Solution to Cancer a Reality

As an electrical engineer, in my book (click) I say that God is a "thing." I also say that God creates a world of "things" in His image. To me, all humans, stones, trees, planets, suns, etc. are thus things and are images of God. Opposed to my view are atheists and those atheistic physicists and chemists, who reject God, accept a dying universe, and promote evolutionary and Big Bang theories. Instead of seeing the world as a system of things, these atheists see the universe as a world as a system of processes. The view of these atheists explains why the US government is a highly confused organization today and why the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has never found a cure for cancer and other health problems. I have advised the US government and NIH of this wrong view of the world. Since the NIH and government act like atheists, they have no interest in the view that only ‘things" are to be found in the world.

Today, US cancer patients are treated with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. All of these treatments destroy healthy cells as well as cancer cells. If a cancer patient has lots of money, the patient can seek help in other nations where life might be extended a bit. But, in general, most cancer patients can be expected to die soon. Since many children are now getting cancer, cancer has become a major US human problem.

On CBS’s 60 Minutes last evening, a complete solution to cancer might be just around the corner. (click) This potential cure of cancer is coming from, John Kanzius, an electrical engineer who lives in Erie, PA. Knowing that the broadcast signal from a radio station will pass through our bodies without harm, Kanzius found how to control the flow of electrical energy from the broadcast station so that only cancer cells are destroyed. The continuous flow of this electrical energy through a cancer patient will eventually destroy all cancer cells without destroying any healthy cells. Radiation and chemotherapy cannot do this. Further, cutting cancer tumors out of one’s brain is virtually impossible. So, this electrical engineering feat is a major breakthrough. But, this breakthrough would not be possible if cancer cells were not "things" and were not different than the "things" we call ‘ healthy cells.’

Knowing that some industrial companies and stock holders will be hurt by this breakthrough, I believe that Kanzius and his friends will need our support to make sure that this project is funded and scheduled properly. A communication to our government representatives on this kind of project is critical to help the many cancer patients we now have. Don’t let industry and NIH determine the funding and schedule of this breakthrough.


  • At 5:19 PM, Blogger Rev. BigDumbChimp said…

    What an amazingly insightful post. It shows exactly how senile and delusional you are becoming.

    It is the scientists that are discovering cures for diseases and finding treatments for others. Not the God botherers such as yourself. Kanzius' discovery, if it is proven to be an affective treatment for cancerous tumors, will be because of the science. It will not be because of your non existent tie you try to make to a world of "things".

    It's another example of you making things and definitions up to try and support your wild assertions and frankly quite insane opinions.

  • At 6:20 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to Bigdumbchimp,

    Your language is rather weak and shows that your thoughts are becomng weaker and weaker.

    Science did not discover this
    breakthrough. Kanziou did. And he did not even go to college!!! So, it proves what I have been saying, that is, that the US institution of science and and the field of logic are big failures.

    Why don't you tell me another joke with another non sequitur?

    How can you live among this stinky scientific environment?

    Kanzius does not know that his breakthrough is in harmony with the theory of 'things.' Nor does he know that it destroys the Big Bang theory. This is not a flaw he has. It is the stupid teachings of today's colleges and universities.

    The symbol 'Bigdumbchimp' is beginning to show me that this symbol represents new many mental abilities you lack.



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