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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

US Citizen Personal and Social Responsibilities and a Discussion of the US Economy

In my last blog, I compare a world of mechanisms (as proposed by atheistic scientists, naturalists, and logicians) with a world of things. While no responsibilities of any kind apply to people who believe in a world of mechanisms, people who believe in a world of things must accept personal and social responsibilities. In this blog; I discuss the personal and social responsibilities for those economists who accept God, who creates a world of things.

The history of the field of economics is virtually nonexistence. If histories about economies exist, these histories will usually describe only what was produced by people who lived along particular rivers. If general histories exist about economies, they will be found only in those nations that give man his natural freedom. One can thus find general histories about economies in the Western world in nations such as the USA, Russia, France, Italy, Germany, England, etc. Thus, in this blog, I also discuss the history of the US economy.

The initial economic thoughts in the USA are found in the thoughts of Alexander Hamilton. He thought that the national government must be involved in the US economy and rejected the laissez-faire economy proposed in the Adam Smith’s book on the "Wealth of a Nation." Instead of becoming a trading nation like England, Hamilton proposed self determination for the USA and proposed the development of manufactures. Against Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson thought that the USA should become a nation of farms.

The American System of economics became a science through the thoughts of Henry C. Carey, (click) The American System is different from the British laissez-faire economy because the US economy would use trade barriers. Henry Clay supported the American System and promoted it when he was a member of Congress. Abe Lincoln was the last president to use the American System when his administration stimulated the development of manufactures in the South and stimulated the growth of population in the West with homesteading initiatives. The efforts of Abe Lincoln and John F. Kennedy to promote the American System seems to have led to their assassinations.

After Lincoln’s assassination, the American System of economics was replaced permanently by the British laissez-faire system of economics. Today, the universities of Harvard, Stanford, and Pennsylvania have become the major teachers of laissez-faire and free trade. In politics, today’s Republican Party has become the major promoter of the concepts of laissez-faire, free trade, and minimum national government.

As a believer in a world of things under God, I say that a laissez-faire economic system is false because it cannot lead the citizens of a nation into a rational future. Thus, only a nation of people, who accept personal and social responsibilities, can lead a nation into a rational future. As I say in Part IV of my book, only goal-seeking and self-governing nations can build rational futures for their people


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