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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A World of Things: A Summary

Let me summarize my blogs on ‘a world of things.’ A world of things divides all scientists and mathematicians into two groups. One group accepts God and the theory of a world of things, which has no end. The second group rejects God and accepts a mechanical world of processes, which comes to an end. This division of science and mathematics leads to the development of many different theologies. This division also confuses the practices of the same theology by different religions.

The most popular theology today is the monotheistic God. The monotheistic God creates things out of nothing. I conclude that a created world of things by a monotheistic God has no end. I also conclude that each created thing by a monotheistic God is a contracted image of God. So, every thing is incarnated as a unique ‘finite infinity.’ This oxymoron is formed as a ‘bad infinity’ of indivisible spiritual atoms. Each incarnated thing has a first beginning point, first middle points, and first ending point. There is no death in a world of things. The first ending point leads to a second beginning point, second middle points, and a second ending point. Since these points never end, reincarnation is an implied reality. It also means that a human cannot become a cow or eat a grandparent. Since a person cannot determine whether he or she has lived before or will have a second, third, etc. live, forever life seems to be a faith.

However, the meaning of ‘forever life’ differs among religions. One meaning says that ‘forever life’ is ‘earned’ by each person in the first life on earth. The second meaning says that forever life is God’s gift of reincarnation. My general research on God concludes that ‘forever life’ is the gift of reincarnation from God. And, my research on the sayings of Jesus Christ shows that God’s Intelligent Design includes the gift of reincarnation to us from the Father.

Whether one earns ‘forever life’ or accepts the gift of reincarnation, I believe that the behavior of all humans during life must be guided by common sense. For this reason, a major world research program is needed to define a common sense, which is worldwide.


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