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Monday, April 21, 2008

A World of Mechanisms: The Proposal of Physical Scientists

An alternative to a world of things is a world of mechanisms. The world of mechanisms is a world proposed by physical scientists who reject God and replace the theory of God with the Big Bang. theory. The people who follow the physical scientists wrongly are many life scientists and naturalists who promote Darwin’s biological evolutionary theory. Among these followers are logicians. They want to use logic is every mental activity such as in all talking languages and in all scientific languages. This is an error of man.

Since my scientific proof of God is the basis on which a world of things can be proposed, a world of mechanisms is opposed to a world of things. So, the world of things and the world of mechanisms cannot coexist.

A world of mechanisms is a closed system and thus has an end. The energy available to the Big Bang theory is limited. This available energy is used by a world of mechanisms. Since a mechanism obeys the law of entropy, mechanisms have only one beginning point, one set of middle points, and one end point. Thus, a mechanism is not reused and thus never reincarnated.

In a world of things, people have personal and social responsibilities because they expect to live forever. Such responsibilities are unnecessary in a world of mechanisms. The different personal and social responsibilities in these two world theories distinguish the cultures that will develop in these two worlds.

Since the personal and social responsibilities in the USA are deteriorating, I conclude that the future culture of the USA will decay morally. This conclusion is based on my belief that the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God (in the Declaration of Independence) are no longer sought by the US government, colleges and universities, and many religions. So, even though the USA is a nation under God and should be developing these founding laws, US citizens and the US government are not managing the future of the USA well.

I continue to read the Bible at Chapter 24 of Matthew and wonder whether we understand properly this teaching of Jesus Christ. At this time, I conclude that we should be on the way to Mars and other planets now.


  • At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Carlos Silveira said…

    Good points! I believe that the field of mathematics must restudy their work by giving ample consideration to the nature of man’s symbolic languages, the nature of the human mind, Plato’s negative, and the nature of dialectical thinking.

  • At 10:24 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to carlos silveira,

    The considerations you mentioned are the right ones.

    When the US government essentially stopped the space program in the early 1970s, the US lost a major social goal, turned the US into a nation of bandits, and lost its godly science program. Unfortunately, the US took the world down with it.

    So, the new generations in all nations must pull the world up by their own boots. At age 79, I can only yell as loud as I can.



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