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Monday, June 14, 2010

Deep Water oil Drilling Must Be Stopped Until Science is Corrected

The science promoted by atheists, deists, and materialists is wrong because they either reject God or accept deism. Both develop a science that brings the universe to an end. The correct science accepts an active God and theism. With this God the universe has no end.

The correct science was found by Nicholas of Cusa and was confirmed by Kepler and Galileo. In 1854, Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) presented a paper entitled 'On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundations of Geometry.' (See pages 411-425 in 'A Source Book in Mathematics' by David Eugene Smith). This paper also confirms the correct science and was confirmed by Karl Gauss. This paper was confirmed in 1905 by Albert Einstein's relative theory of space. Since space and time have never been unified by materialists, all scientists must consider theism and an active God. To help these scientists, I will discuss Riemann's paper.

Riemann's paper does not deal with knowledge that man has found with microscopes and telescopes. Instead, his paper deals with the 'regions of unknowns', which man calls 'the immeasurably small,' and 'the immeasurably large.' Specialists who deal with these regions must thus master Riemann's paper. Some specialist are the Big Bang mathematicians and scientists (or cosmologists), atom smashers, space researchers, deep oil drillers, etc. They must master Riemann's paper. Since most of these specialists are unfamiliar with Riemann's paper, these specialists tend to mislead the people in every nation in the world through TV and newspapers articles. Deep oil drilling can also mislead nations because such engineering developments are dealing with 'unknowns of a planet.' So, I agree with President Obama to halt all deep oil drilling, that is, until the drillers have mastered Riemann's paper.

Apparently, Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) mastered Riemann's paper by 1927. After mastering Riemann's paper, he issued two new books immediately in 1927, 'The Analysis of Matter' and 'Why I Am Not a Christian.' (click) On the Christian book, Russell rejected the Christian idea that the existence of God can be proven without reason. I agree with Russell. After 1927, Russell seems to turn his attention away from logic so he could apply Riemann's paper. In 1929, he makes a significant comment on Riemann's geometry in Smith's book on mathematics.

In more detail on Riemann's paper, Riemann speaks of manifolds. A manifold allows us to comprehend different features of a thing in a dimensional space such as 3-D. He says that such manifolds are either 'discrete' or 'continuous.' A discrete manifold consist of things of one kind. Examples of discrete manifolds are as follows: all eggs, all dogs, all trees, all rain drops, all integers (1, 2, 3, 4, ...). We make discrete manifolds so that we can count similar things. On the other hand, continuous manifolds are formed when different features are infinite in number and cannot be counted. For example, the colors form a continuous manifold; or the positions of things we find with our senses form a continuous manifold. Since we can't count an infinity of things, we must measure them. To measure anything, a means of carrying forward one magnitude as a measure for the other is necessary. Otherwise, a part can become a part of another part. The parts of a whole are called quanta and are distinguished by a mark.

When man learned how to count things, man developed a better life because he found new knowledge. However, human life became like a ride on a see saw after man began to measure continuous things. For instance, we have many health problems because we divide ourselves into either mechanisms or spirits. Some humans thus view themselves as a mechanical wholes that have a countable number of parts. But other humans, like me, view themselves as spiritual wholes that have an uncountable (or infinite) number of parts.

In response to Riemann' paper, Russell said that '... geometry ought to start from the infinitesimal and depend upon integration for statements ...' These words are not limited to geometrical objects such as finite lengths, areas, or volumes. The infinitesimal can be used as 'indivisibles' to study wholes and their parts. In my book on, 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I use indivisibles to develop knowledge about 'all created things' in God's Intelligent Design. I unify 'all indivisibles' so that I can account for 'all uncountable divisible things' in the universe. As seen, Riemann's paper is very helpful to my work on God and the universe.

In the Gulf of Mexico, the BP deep water oil drillers found that the bed of oil was not a black liquid like the black liquid that rose out of the ground, for instance, in Oklahoma years ago. Instead, these deep oil drillers found that this deep water bed of oil was a solidified structure of crystals. Was this structure of crystals a new form of oil? If this structure is new, the BP deep water oil drillers entered an 'unknown' of the universe. This is a region of the immeasurably large. I believe that such unknowns can be reduced if scientists, mathematicians, and engineers master the Riemann paper.


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