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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Oil Drilling Problem in the Gulf of Mexico Reveals Scientific and Moral Problems in U.S. Corporations

The corporation is a business organization that separates it from its owners and limits the liability of its owners. Incorporation provides the ability to organize people effectively. A corporation differs from other organizations such as sole proprietor ships and limited partnerships. (click) From 1776 through the 1960s, beliefs in God guided many corporations and their owners. But by the 1970s, many CEOs were guiding most of our corporations. Unfortunately, the teaching of scientific management to the CEOs might have minimized the guidance of God in our corporations. This 'minimized God' seems to exist in many corporations today. And the 'maximized God' might now exist in the 'stock market.

This corporate change was supported in 1967, when, at the request of Madelyn Murray, the U.S. Supreme Court removed prayer from the public schools. Since a prayer can express a scientific or moral idea, this Supreme Court ruling has reduced the scientific and moral skills of our school children. But this Supreme Court ruling was illegal because the words in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution form a single founding document. I prove this singularity in my blog dated 6/17/10. In general, the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution say that "the USA is a nation under God."

With this Supreme Court ruling, some of our children became atheists. (click) And some of our children became workers at the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU) to build a legalized atheism. (click) However, a legalized atheism can be authorized in the USA only if God's existence is proven to be false. Thus, the USA will always be a nation under God until an atheist proves that God does not exist. I conclude that the ACLU and other atheists promote atheism because they assume that God can never be proven. While this assumption is true, it is also true that God's non existence can never be proven.

The founders of the USA decided to build a nation under God based on two reasons. First, they learned that God's existence and God's non existence could never be proven. Second, they learned that a nation can develop 'understandings' of God. Many of these 'understandings of God' have been found throughout man's history. The founders included some of the important understandings in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. One understanding is expressed with the word 'Creator.' This understanding that God made the universe. more recently, this understanding has been amplified greatly. In every nation, this amplification has made every CEO outdated. Those of us who are amplifying this understanding must thus question every CEO, especially BP's CEO and the corporation that developed the deep water drilling problem in the Gulf of Mexico.

Developing science without the guidance of God and His Intelligent Design is an ignorant corporate behavior. This statement is proven by reviewing the problem that the BP's CEO developed in the Gulf of Mexico. Stated in a more technical way, a CEO should not authorize a scientific project, one that enters the unknowns of the immeasurably small or immeasurably large, without experiments.

How long can the people of the USA remain quiet with poor science, poor morals, and poor leaders?


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