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Thursday, February 24, 2011

How The Bible Is Misleading People

When using the Bible, some religions say that our world was created only 6000 years ago.(click) But scientists say that earth is 4.5 billion years old (click) and that humans have lived on earth five million years ago. (click) As seen, the Bible and scientific texts produce very difference results.

About 6000 years ago, humans began to write. (click) Many texts or scriptures have been made since people began to write. (click) After people began to write, some of the religions said that the scriptures are the 'words of God.' But others said that the texts and scriptures are the 'words of humans.

In the 1920s, a linguistic problem was discovered in the Western world. (click) Suzanne Langer studied this discovery and reported that that 'sensual data are primarily symbolic.' Interestingly, Nicholas of Cusa, a Bishop of the Roman Church, found this linguistic problem in the 15th century. But the Roman Church did not propagate Cusa's finding likely because 'symbols' would change the Bible teaching.

The linguistic problem means that predictions of nonliving things can be found by using cause/effect relations. But the linguistic problem affects all texts and all scriptures because predictions of living things become impossible and can be approached only imprecisely because the relations of humans are freely determined.

Since God is a living infinite thing, we cannot know God because our finiteness cannot be compared with the infinity of God. But we can know the things that God created because all created things are finite and can be measured by us. St. Paul suggested this measurement in the Bible at Rom. 1:20.. Since all created things come from God, what comes from God must come from the infinite number of God's attributes, which can be contracted by plurality and finitude so that God can create things . So, when God creates the universe, He contracts some of His attributes and forms many different things to form the universe. I have already found some of God's attributes that He uses to create our world based on His Intelligent Design. The attributes and the connection of God to the universe are presented in my 9/4/10 blog.

The ancient texts and scripture are not 'words of God.' Neither are today's scientific texts the 'words of God.' All texts and scriptures are only the 'words of humans,' who love God and have the desire to produce texts and study ancient scriptures.

It is time for religions to tell people about truths of their scriptures.


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