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Thursday, September 06, 2012

23. The Real Difference Between the Democrats and Republicans

Last evening, after speeches of former President Clinton and two women, an independent voter like me can distinguish clearly the differences between the Democrats and Republicans.

In general, the women are seeking the equality of all humans --- men and women.  And the Democrats are seeking cooperation among the people by  'forming a more perfect Union,' as the Preamble of the Constitution requires.  The Republicans reject this constitutional statement because they say this statement leads to socialism. However, if a nation believes in God, socialism is natural. At Matt. 5:19, Jesus says that other heavens exist in the evening skies. At Chapter 24, Jesus also tells us that our sun will die. So, people must either work together or die and suffer with our decaying sun. It was wrong to stop the space program.

In order to form a more perfect Union, the Democrats will use the trickle-up economy. This economy will cause new infrastructure jobs and will increase education that leads to new businesses. In order to reject unions, the Republicans will use the trickle-down economy.  This economy will lower the taxes of the rich class, corporations, and businesses.  This tax reduction will reduce health care, education, etc. programs

I voted for President Obamaearlier  and will vote for him again because almost all of the 17 trillion current national debt of the USA came from the trickle-down economy of the Republicans. .


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