Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, September 07, 2012

24.Under God, People Must Cooperate. Without God, Competition Is Necessary and Wars Are Certain.

Based on the conventions of the Democrats and Republicans, the people of these two parties have become to a logical point in which they cannot coexist. Based on these two conventions, it is clear to me that the concept cooperation belongs only to the people of the Democratic party and that the concept competition belongs only to the people of the Republican party. To me, this pair of opposites can explain why the U.S. Congress has become dysfunctional. 

In my new book, "A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God," I show how I search for opposites that coexist. One opposite must belong to an infinite God whereas the opposing concepts must belong to our finite universe. I also show that coexisting concepts form a single world that never ends.

I  conclude that the word 'cooperation' comes to my mind from God through all of the indivisibles  that God created. Since each indivisible is 'in' all other indivisibles, all of these indivisibles have formed a universe of cooperating indivisibles. Then, when God gives least actions to each indivisible, an infinite number of divisible things would appear and the universe would be in motion forever with changing divisibles.

Can the indivisibles and divisibles 'compete' with each other? I say that the created indivisibles will not compete each other.  But I say that some of the divisibles are able to compete because some divisibles have degrees of freedom, which they received from God. But I do not believe that divisibles can compete without leading to wars.  So, I say that the concept 'competition' will not be found in God's Intelligent Design. So, competition is a concept held only by non-believers in God.

If Obama and Romney understood God better, they would know how to move the USA forward precisely under God.


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