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Monday, May 19, 2014

456A. Evolutionary Theory and Natural Selection

Last evening Fox TV program on the 'Cosmos, a Spacetime Odyssey' would teach more about evolutionary theory. (click) This time a dandelion plant would become a sample. This plant would make a flower that would grow, die, and would produce a new dandelion plant somewhere else in the universe. Thus, Fox TV is teaching that humans, apes, and dandelion came from a common system called 'DNA.'

Natural selection defines evolutionary theory and is based on variations that persist. When we die our body parts break down. Only genes persist as sperm cells or eggs. What persists is called the allele. Allele is defined as a stretch of genetic material, which is not broken up. Instead, it is transmitted into the 'gamete' and becomes part of the next generation. If the organism lives but does not reproduce, all the alleles perish together. If there is even the slightest causal link between the failure to reproduce and a particular allele - that is, if a variant allele at the same locus in another organism enabled that organism to reproduce - then natural selection can be said to be operating on that allele. Such weak causal links can be detected by examining the reproductive outcomes of populations with slightly different phenotypic features.(click)

I reject evolutionary theory and natural selection because all finite things in any universe must be defined by before any finite thing in the universe can become a body, cell, egg, etc.. I said this statement earlier when I said that the chicken comes before the egg. So, God must exist and be a creator before anything becomes real the universe. So, I reject DNA as the identification of a person with teeth, fingerprints, etc.  Only God knows everything in the universes.  This is why no twins exist.  And this is why a man and woman cannot be reborn so they can live together in a heaven. A heaven can exist only in a universe.

Evolutionary theory and natural selection are accepted mostly by capitalists who only seek wealth and has no belief or interest in God.

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