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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Old Soldiers Never Die. Nor Do They Fade Away.

Until all humans believe in God and understand Him and the universe, I see no end to wars. So, until atheism is defeated and warring human behaviors come to an end, some humans must do the dirty work of securing nations against those evil people who cause wars and unnatural deaths. For instance, the Iraq War or no other war was caused by God. Wars are man-made by people who are ignorant of God’s Kingdom or have no faith in God as is the case of all atheists. Wars cause military persons to die because they must defend their nation. These military persons will thus save the lives of many people who live at home. Who saves the military persons who live and die on the battleground? These savings are miracles of God.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the Arlington Cemetery and next to Washington, DC is shown in the pic. The Tomb is a symbol of our respect and honor for those persons who were killed in action and were lost and not buried in a separate grave. This miracle of God assures others that these lost persons will never be lost by God.


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