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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Truth About Atheism

Today’s mysteries of the world’s religions are problematic in that an increasing number of people are casting doubts about God’s existence. This doubting is not good for humankind because the minds of a doubter must turn toward atheism and the ways it rationalizes evils. Today, the rationalizations of evils are increasingly found in the moneyed and criminal classes and in political movements such as the American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU).

Fortunately, the founders of the USA knew that atheism would lead ‘the people’ only to a nation of evils. For this reason, they developed a social contract under God among the founding colonists. This godly social contract was expressed in the Declaration of Independence. The founders also made a second social contract. With this social contract,they defined our government and called it it the US Constitution. Unfortunately, both of these social contracts are being violated by certain Americans. For instance, the Declaration of Independence is not treated as a ‘law of the land.’ And, the US Supreme Court has removed God from the US government. These two illegal actions have removed God from the USA and turned the USA over to the bandits of atheism.

The mysteries promoted by the religions must be corrected because God is no longer a mystery. This year I published a book --- The First Scientific Proof of God. It proves that God does exist. Further, a higher proof of God’s existence cannot be found because we cannot prove the one absolute truth of God. The only remaining mystery is about the future that God is giving us. We will never know this future completely because life under God is eternal.

The philosophy of atheism must be rejected by all Americans. This rejection can become real by living our independence every day, as the pic expressed.


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