Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Appearance of God in Our World

If your mind is viewing a monotheistic God with the symbols of the Trinity, you are taking the first major step to understand God through a symbolic language. By taking this step, you are viewing God not directly but through a mirror, which is formed with symbols that have precise meanings. But, to understand God scientifically, you must transform the Trinity into scientific symbols. This is done by transforming the early Trinity, which is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, into the scientific Trinity, which is One, Equality, and Union. Now, you are ready to understand the universe. First, you must deny God’s attributes in the universe. Second, you must accept the universe as having ‘many different and related things.’ With these simple steps, you have distinguished God and the universe perfectly.

Now, you are ready to learn why an active God must appear in the universe. An active God must appear in our world because He cannot communicate with us. If God could communicate with us, He could have told us all about the future, that is, about where he is taking us. But, if we knew our future, life would not be very interesting. So, knowing the future was never a part of the life that God gave us. It is thus clear that God must appear in our world because He must inform us where we are going. This information comes from God in steps because we can build our knowledge with symbolic languages only in steps.

In order to appear in our world, God must maintain the universe while simultaneously crossing the infinite gap that separates God from our world. This is why God has a Son, who forms an identity with God. To explain this dualism, look at the scientific Trinity. There, one finds that God is One; that the Son is Equality (of one); and that the Union makes their identity absolute. So, when God appears in our world, He appears as the Son. This means that the son will appear in our world forever as an intelligent and goal-defining creature. God is thus both a creator and a creature. As a creature, God gives us new ideas that will take us into the next step. So, the purpose of our lives will never be fully known.

In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I did considerable research as a symbolist on the symbols that Jesus Christ used in his teachings in the New Testament. I distinguished His teachings with the teachings of other humans and concluded that Christ’s teachings are divine. Thus, I reject any teaching which says that our world comes to an end or any teaching which says that God will judge us and give us eternal life in Heaven or Hell. Heaven and Hell are comparative symbols that might apply to comparing different levels of the consciousness of different humans.

To me, the pic represents some of the ideas that the Son tries to teach us.


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