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Monday, May 21, 2007

Logicians and the English Language Are Hiding God From US

In his Sophist dialogue (at 257b) Plato says, When we speak of that which is not, it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different. This statement clarifies the meaning of the word ‘not’ and gives our minds a new mental ability known as negation or the negative. This statement distinguishes this new mental ability from logical reasoning and the logic developed by Aristotle. However, because Aristotle’s logic became dominant in the Western world, Plato’s statement never entered the languages of the Western world. For this reason, Western world logicians and Western world languages, such as the English language, are hiding God from people. Good news though. Plato's negative led to the negative theology of Nicholas of Cusa, about which most Americans are ignorant. I teach this negative theology in Part IIa of my book.

I have tried to inform people about Plato’s negative ever since my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, went on sale. For instance, I failed to teach Plato’s negative to the mathematicians and scientists associated with the Instead, I was defamed. For example, they said that I am an old cranky man with dementia and am not intelligent enough to write a book. Yet, my book, once read, will become one of the most important books on the subjects of God and the human mind in the Western world. Today, my book is virtually unknown.

Thus, the minds of Western world citizens are missing the mental ability that God gave us and that Plato discovered. This missing mental ability can be explained by looking at today’s meanings of the words not and negative in a good dictionary. These current dictionary meanings will lead our minds only to logical reasoning. But, higher positives cannot be found with logic. Since our mathematicians and scientists are unaware of Plato’s discovery and do not consider God because of this unawareness, the development of new mathematics and sciences are becoming rare. Are human conflicts, wars, terrorism, crime, drug use, etc. the result of not developing this missing mental ability? I say yes. In fact, the lack of developing Plato’s, increases the use of logical thinking, could be the cause of cancer and other diseases. More and more doctors are saying that negative thinking is not a healthy mind.

The logicians associated with did not understand me when I told them that the human mind must raise itself above logical reasoning to find higher ideas and to find closer views of God. I told them that opposites (or contraries) can coexist and that such opposites are governed by both/and logic rather than either/or logic. They did not understand me and never developed an interest in what I was teaching. Their interest was merely to encourage people not to by my book and not accept my proof of God.

Logicians do not seem to understand higher ideas. For instance, they do not seem to understand that the pair of opposites, one/many, can coexist and form a higher idea we call ‘a whole.’ Nor do they seem to understand that many things originate from one thing we named God. Further, they do not seem to understand other higher ideas, for instance, that the medical pair of opposites, mind/body, coexist and form a ‘one/many relation.’ Furthermore, they do not seem to understand that the pair of opposites permanence/change expose many different higher ideas such as the coexistence of God/Universe. For similar reasons, they might not understand the coexistence of socialism/freedom in a political system. They don’t seem to know about Plato’s negative because our English language and dictionaries are flawed due to Aristotle’s logic. Thus, instead of developing mathematics to explain the difference between the pair of opposites, competence and incompetence, logicians would probably use words, such as very, very, very, ... to give a middle region of thought for these opposites.

The pic shows a typical brain. It is an organ used by our minds. Below, I show that the mind must make a choice to think logically or dialectically. Dialectical thoughts seek new ideas about God and the universe. Since this choice is not made by the brain, the mind-brain relation is organized by the principle of the mind, not the brain. When we use Plato’s negative, we begin by finding something positive in the universe. Then, when we negate this positive, we have two choices. If the mind chooses to turn back to this positive or to some other positive in the universe, the mind is using logical reasoning. However, if the mind chooses to turn upwardly, the mind has moved beyond logic and has turned to a higher positive thing or the highest thing, which is the origin of all positive things in the universe. This highest thing is God!!!!!


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