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Friday, August 31, 2007

Anonymous Comments

Some time ago I announced that I would not post anonymous comments on this website. I made this announcement because the purpose of this website is to discuss new scientific and theological material. This procedure has worked well. I do read anonymous comments but don’t post them. However, there have been rare exceptions, especially if a comment is dealing with scientific or theological material.

Last evening, I received two anonymous comments. One sought my mailing address. This information is not made available for many reasons. The second comment says that I might be defaming one or more atheists. I do say that thinking about atheism cannot be limited and believe that the practice of atheism can be limited by the US government because the USA is a nation under God. Accordingly, I have asked the US government to confirm these limits. I do not view my thought here as defaming thoughts. It is not my intent to defame any person who participates in the discussions on this website.. Their inputs to these discussion are necessary and too important because this is the only way humans can search for truths. In my search for truths, I openly share my negative opinions about atheism. These opinions are technical, not defaming, opinions. So, if the person who made the second comment provides me with more information on his or her inquiry, I will respond.


  • At 2:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have your address George. We won't hesitate to take you to court if you don't stop attacking atheists.

    Talk up your book all you want, preach your religion and your god, but stop your slanderous attacks on atheists right now. Understand?


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