Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Opposition to the Standard Social Science Model (SSSM) and a New Understanding of My Scientific Proof of God

One opposition to the SSSM is a belief that a culture, from generation to generation, develops and maintains knowledge through a learning and organized process. Today, this organization is known as socialization. This socialization is saying that all cultures and their learning process are not the result of Nature and a process of evolution. Thus, this opposition says, for instance that a criminal is made by cultures and is not born. In 1988, when I was still at the National Institute of Justice, I made an assertion that criminals are produced by the flawed symbolic languages of a culture. So, let me show that evolutionists and other life scientists are wrong if they accept the SSSM.

In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa asked, "How much knowledge man can man produce? To answer this question Nicholas sought the true meaning of the symbol ‘maximum.’ Since a maximum thing cannot be less than it is, he found that the maximum in this thing must also be minimum. Thus he found that the greatest thing is both maximum and minimum and is this absolute. However, if things can be ‘more or less’ than they are, some things can be known only relativistically. So, if one’s mind can see an absolute thing and a relativistic thing, then that person can say that two different forms of knowledge are possible. One of these forms is ‘absolute knowledge.’ The other form is ‘relativistic knowledge.’

Evolutionists and other life scientific do not consider the findings of Cusa because they have never studied his work. So, they only consider ’relativistic knowledge.’ Thus, they believe that all living things in the universe have ancestors and that a human and a chimpanzee, for instance, have a common ancestor. But, the evolutionists and life scientists cannot prove that all living things have ancestors and that all ancestors originate in a single nonliving thing. Some astrophysicists say that this origin is an exploding physical particle. Without proofs of the ancestors and without proofs of the exploding physical particle, the limitation of knowledge to ‘relativistic knowledge’ must be rejected by every human being.

Evolutionists, life scientists, and astrophysicists do not believe that ‘absolute knowledge’ is a reality. I say that they have this belief because they are not big readers of the ‘big thinkers.’ Read any books of these thinkers, for instance, Steven Pinker on ‘Language Instinct,’ and you will not read any important words made by any ‘big thinker.’ To these writers, big readers do not exist because man does not think at all. These believers say that man merely learns only from Nature. However, they do not realize that their errors create more and more criminals. This growth of this caused crime in the USA is noticed in the news every evening.

I think and learn from my culture. In my book, The scientific Proof of God, I sought a thing in which absolute knowledge will be found. I found this thing with scientific methods of thought. First, I use a universal symbol that all good scientists recognize and apply to all things found in the universe. This universal scientific symbol is ‘finite.’ Then, I use Plato’s negative. This negative allows me to negate all finite things found in the universe so that I can search for their origin. To seek their origin and using Plato’s negative, I conceive a new scientific symbol named ‘not-finite.’ On p. 6 of my book, I say ‘all finite things are originated by an infinite thing.’ So, I say that an infinite thing, whose knowledge is absolute knowledge coexists with the relativistic knowledge man develops about all finite things.

Making the connection of all things in the universe to a single infinite thing is not like connecting all humans to a single ancestor because connecting all humans to a single ancestor only connect particular finite things to some other finite thing. Where does this connection process stop other than in a free exploding physical particle of the astrophysicists? This process stops by reducing all finite things in the universe to a single exploding physical particle. But, the Yang/Mills theory tells us that all physical particles follow an ‘asymptotic freedom,’ never become absolutely free, and never becomes structureless. Connecting all things in the universe to their origin by me is not a reduction process. Instead, my connection is to a higher being, which can only be God.


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