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Monday, November 16, 2009

Nicholas of Cusa and Christanity

I am glad to see that sales of my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God' is increasing and that people are beginning to study the book of Nicholas of Cusa, 'On Learned Ignorance.' I suggest that readers also scan the comments on the 11/11/09 blog on 'Learning One's Ignorance.' These comments will explain the negatively infinite of God and the privately infinite of the universe. These different infinities get us closer to the transfinite numbers of Georg Cantor. Since more and more people are studying the books I suggest, I want to discuss the problem of Christianity because it is not progressing scientifically. The pic on the left is Nicholas of Cusa.

The Christian churches of today are trying to regain the power they lost over the last forty years to new organizations such as the New Thought and New Age. To regain power, Christian churches are teachings mostly moral behaviors and do not teach the great scientific teachings of Jesus Christ. The problem of teaching the scientific sayings of Jesus is that the Pope, most priests ,and most preachers are not scientists. And if a Christian teacher is a scientists, this scientist has become an outdated materialist. After the loss of members, Christians started to follow political organizations. In the USA, they became associated mostly with atheistic or atheistic-like organizations such as conservatives, capitalists, materialists, and Darwinists.

Christians seem to be improving the teaching of Jesus Christ's scientific teachings when new translations of the writings of Nicholas of Cusa were made by Dr. Jasper Hopkins of Minnesota. Then, the American Cusanus Society (ACS) was organized by the Catholic church. This society allows one to copy out writings of Nicholas of Cusa on the Internet. (click)

However, one must be careful when working with the ACS and the Catholic church because both the Vatican and the ACS are power-seeking organizations. With six Catholic judges now sitting in the U.S. Supreme Court, the USA could change and cause the USA to the wrong way because the Vatican and ACS teach that the universe will come to an apocalyptic end, just as materialists say that the universe will end in a heat death called entropy.

The people of the USA must stop Christianity and especially the Catholic church because the universe and life have no end.


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