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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Human Mind - Two Different Views, I

Today, two different views of the human mind exist. In one view, materialists logicians, evolutionists, and other theists say that the human mind is a part of the brain and is called 'epiphenomena.' of the brain. Since they say that all things in the universe are mechanisms, the universe comes to an end. Since some religions (e.g., Catholic Church) say that the universe comes to an end, they must believe that the human mind is epiphenomena of the brain.

The second view of the human mind is discovered by Nicholas of Cusa. And Gottfried Leibniz incorporated this view of the human mind into the 'all is one' theory of the universe. In Leibniz's 'all is one' theory, God's mind is contracted and produces an infinite number of minds that Leibniz calls monads. Among this infinity of minds are an infinite number of human minds. These human minds are different from all other minds because they can measure all things that God creates and are the only minds that can reason. Only those people who say that the universe is eternal will agree with this second view of the human mind.

All high performance writers over the last 2500 years have taught the 'all is one' theory. Since Jesus Christ taught the 'all is one' theory, I ask, "Why do Christians and Muslims say that a created universe comes to an end?"


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