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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How The United States of America Is Being Destroyed

In yesterday's blog, I show that God's absolute independence is the origin of all divisible things in the universe. These divisible things are organized things of all kinds and include organized of people we call nations. So, when the founders of the USA prepared the Declaration of Independence to organize the colonists, they were guided by the work of God and His intelligent design.

Unfortunately, after the founders passed on, The United States of America began to change in negative ways. As time passed, some people turned away from God. Other people not only turned away from God but lost some of their morals and developed evil and criminal behaviors. By turning away from God, the USA became an organization that no longer expects people to 'depend' on each other. With this loss of 'dependence,' all people in the USA automatically lost the 'independence' they received from God. This double loss is an example of how coexisting opposites function in a human mind.
Below, I show some of the causal factors of change. I also identify the American presidents who tried to turn this ugly change around.

Change, Cause, and Effect

1.Change: The development of a private national government (lobbyists and a middle/rich classes): Cause: First owners of initial businesses and industries and first owners of shipping for purpose of free trade grow without limit or regulation. Effect: National wealth begins to accumulate in fewer and fewer people.

2.Change: The removal of prayers from public schools and a ruling in favor of abortion by the Supreme Court. Cause: The rise of atheism. Effect: Religions lose many members and the morality of the people degenerates.

3. Change: The fields of mathematics and science turn away from God. Cause: Most mathematicians and scientists cannot find God. Effect: The worldwide ranking of U.S. mathematics and science is lowered drastically.

American Presidents

1. President Abraham Lincoln: Saved the Declaration of Independence and the Union against the Southern States with the Civil War.

2. President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Saved the Union from the 1930 depression and wars against Japan and Germany.

3. President John F. Kennedy: Saved the Union against the Cold War with the Moon Landing program.

4. President Richard Nixon: Tried to save the Union with the first major social initiatives.


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