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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Laws of Nature and Nature's God and the Supreme Court, II

When the U.S. Supreme Court interpreted the Declaration of Independence only as an authority to go to war with England, it destroyed the future nation that the colonists expected to develop. Because of this Supreme Court error, the Revolutionary War was fought in vain by many colonists who lost their lives. Yet the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence were discussed in detail by many colonists, were improved by Ben Franklin and John Adams, and were debated before the 'Committee of the Whole' before approving it. When these two paragraphs lost their purposes in the founding documents, the USA would become a very different nation. In this blog. I discuss a few drastic changes that have caused by this Supreme Court error.

First, the phrase 'one People' in the Declaration, which is defined as 'Union' in the Preamble of the Constitution, is lost. This loss transferred sovereignty from the 'one People' to Government. This loss also eliminates Locke's concept of Society, and reduces Locke's two-party social contract to one party, Government. Essentially, Locke's social contract was totally destroyed by the Supreme Court. Yet, all intelligent colonists were followers of Locke's social contract theory.

Second, in the Declaration, only one part of the phrase 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God' is lost. Only the Laws of Nature's God are lost because Laws of Nature are natural and apply to all sciences. The loss of the 'Laws of Nature's God' removes God's morals from the USA. Essentially, the loss of God's morals returned the USA to the arbitrary laws of England's Parliament. The Revolutionary War was really lost because the U.S. Congress is free to make arbitrary laws. By eliminating the Laws of Nature's God, the people of the USA became free to live immorally.

Third, in the Declaration, the phrase 'all Men are created equal' is lost. With this loss, slavery was rationalized by people of the USA until Abe Lincoln acted. But slavery hangs on. For instance, the Supreme Court has made another error because it has ruled in favor of abortion, after it decided that not all Men are created equal.

Fourth, in the Declaration, the unalienable Rights have been lost. Without inalienable Rights. all rights in the USA are either Bill of Rights or arbitrary rights defined by Congress. Yet, man's inalienable rights can be defined only by God and the Laws of Nature's God. The Laws of Nature's God can be identified only by knowing what God created. This knowledge is available to man only if man studies and defines what God made. At Rom. 1:20, St. Paul made the same suggestion.

I say that the people of the USA will never build the nation expected by our colonists unless the Supreme Court is reformed drastically.


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