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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Laws of Nature and Nature's God and the Supreme Court, I

The U.S. Supreme Court does not make any rulings based on the U.S. Declaration of Independence because the Court says that the Declaration of Independence was only an authority to go to war against England if England started the war. England did start the Revolutionary War , lost the war, and signed The Treaty of Paris on 9/3/1783.

However, if one studies the social contract theory of John Locke in his book on ," The Second Treatise of Government," Locke's social contract has two parties, Society and Government. So two founding documents exist in a new nation. One is the Declaration of Independence and defines Society. The first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence defines Society and the remaining words authorize war with England. The second founding document defines the Second Continental Congress, the Articles of Confederation, and finally the U.S. Constitution. As time passed, these three organizations were defining Government.

It is important that the U.S. Supreme Court correct its great error because the declaration of Independence includes the important phrase --- Laws of Nature and Nature's God. The Laws of Nature are the subject of the creatures that God acts to make. The Laws of Nature's God are the subject of God's morals. God's morals are found in the act of God that unifies the creatures. To find the unity of creatures, we must find the attributes that God uses to unify the creatures. At this time, I have found five attributes of God --- One, Equality, Union, Infinite, and Indivisible.

Clearly, religions, materialists, and atheists are lost.


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