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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Indivisibles, III

The purpose of the U. S. Declaration of Independence can be understood only if if one knows the history of indivisibles. It is obvious that U.S. lawyers and the judges of U.S. Supreme Court do not know this history. Their lack of knowledge explains the ugly error that they have made about the legal position of the Declaration of Independence. This error gave powers to the U.S. government that Locke's social contract denies. As a result of this error, they have weakened the power of the 'one People' while simultaneously removing the independence of each U.S. citizen. The Declaration of Independence is a comprehensive law of the USA. It was not merely an authority to go to war against England.

Only if one studies the history of indivisibles can one identify the purpose our founders had in mind when they preparing the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and have it printed the next day. So, let me describe this history.

When man searches and finds for phenomena in the things that God created as St. Paul taught at Rom. 1:20, man's knowledge of God's Intelligent Design of the universe has increased. However, finding this knowledge can never be completed because God's attributes are infinite in number. So, making such searches will never end.

In my latest searches for phenomena in things of the universe, five phenomena were found. In the search today a sixth phenomenon found in all divisible things in the universe. This phenomenon is described as 'dependence.' This phenomenon is found in all divisible things because they have parts that work together. So, each part can be said to depend on each other. Dependence is also found among people. For instance, the earliest small social units and the later larger social units in Greece (e.g., Sparta) were organizations of people who depended on each other.

When dependence is negated, like other phenomena have been negated, the word 'independence' appears in our minds where we treat it as another attribute of God. Like all other attributes of of God, God must contract His independence by finitude in order for the 'contracted independence' to be 'in' any indivisible things before they actually become divisible things. So, before any divisible things can appear in the universe with a body, God must makes all 'indivisibles' that are also 'independent.' Thus, our founders were aware of exactly what they were doing. It is unfortunate that many Americans do not understand what this nation is all about.


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