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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Big Bang Theory and Ancestoral Theory Are Troublesome

In his book 'On Learned Ignorance,' Nicholas of Cusa (center pic) says that a maximum or minimum, which is contracted to finite things, cannot exist apart from God, who is the Absolute Maximum and Absolute Minimum. So although God is incomprehensible, we know that all things found in the universe never exist apart from God. The assertion that all things in the universe came from a big bang physical thing is thus false. And it is false that all living things come from ancestors as evolutionists say. It is unfortunate that most physical scientists and biologists are unfamiliar with Cusa's book. But Cusa's book can be copied out of the Internet. (click)

Since no two identical things exist in the universe, all things found in the universe are numbered. At Matt. 10:30, Jesus Christ also said, "But the very hairs on your head are numbered." So all things in the universe are numbered things. Since these numbered things are never identical, all things are different.e. However, all of these different things can be classified into species. But these species are limited because no thing in the universe can become 'absolute maximum' or 'absolute minimum' because only God is absolute maximum and absolute minimum. These limits form a continuum of genera or numbered things in the universe.

I conclude that lots of time and money are being wasted on wrong theories by physical scientists, biologists, politicians, and educators in every nation. With this huge waste, the new generations of humans could become very troublesome because the true science is being lost. To prevent this possible trouble, the people in every nation should investigate the truths in Cusa's book now. In general, Cusa challenges those humans who say that human knowledge has an end and can thus be completed. He challenges these same Cusa saying that some knowledge will always remain unknown to man.


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