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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Leibniz's Universe, III

Newton 's universe has a discontinuous God who creates the universe and then pulls out. The Newton universe is a mechanical thing that comes to an end. This universe is taught by the Catholic church, Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues, and Muslim mosques. Materialists also teach this universe but say that it was created by a Big Bang thing. Opposed to this mechanical universe is Leibniz's universe that has an active God who created the universe but also guides the universe forever. In this blog, I discuss Leibniz's active God.

Leibniz views God as necessary being. He says, ' Thus God is the only primitive unit or the only original simple substance, of which all the created or derivative monads are the products, born, so to speak, every moment by continual fulgurations from the divinity, and limited by the capacities of creatures, to which limitation is essential.' Leibniz is thus saying that God acts continually after he creates the monads and organizes them into one universe.

Leibniz says that when a monad influences another monad, the influence is an intervention of God's reasoning into the universe. God can intervene into the universe because all monads are mirrors of the universe. The intervention of God into the universe means that the universe is not a mechanism, which comes to an end. Instead, Leibniz's universe is guided by God forever and has no end.

The above religions and materialists are unable to recognize an active God because they are not identifying God's attributes, as Paul suggested in Rom. 1:20. By knowing only a few attributes of God, one can begin to connect God to the attributes of created things and the monads.

Monads are created by God when God contracts some of His perfect attributes. These contracted attributes form an infinite number of different monads that have a different purpose or function in the universe. Since the attributes of the monads are not perfect, the monads form imperfect things such as clouds, trees, dogs, humans, etc. Thus when God intervenes, He causes changes in the monads so the universe is always the best universe.

I often say that the Declaration of Independence is an important document because it connects God's perfect attribute of Independence to all U.S. citizens who must depend on each other to build the best nation. Today, the USA and all other nations are lost.


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