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Monday, December 07, 2009

Leibniz's Universe, II

The infinite number of Leibniz's monads can be represented by Georg Cantor's first number class, N1. This first class is the aggregate of the finite whole numbers 1, 2, 3, .......v... The set of all monads are thus said to be denumerable because they are equivalent to the set of integers. This first number class is followed by Cantor's second number class, N2. This second number class contains all rational and irrational numbers. The set of all rational and irrational numbers is not denumerable because these numbers are not countable and produce continua of geometrical things.

So, after God acts to create the indivisible monads, God acts to creates all divisible/geometrical things by relating the monads to each other. Since all independent monads depend on each other, each monad is 'in' all other monads. This means that each monad is functionally related to all other monads. This is the initial state of Leibniz's universe and is what astronauts and materialists calls 'dark matter.'

To study divisible/geometrical things, materialists reject God and view the universe as a container for all things. The container is a spacetime structure. Since spacetime has a beginning and end, the universe had a beginning with a Big Bang explosion and has an end with a heat death. Since proved scientifically that God exists of this belief, I rejected the universe of materialism and accepted Leibniz's universe.

Since all independent monads are functionally related to each other and depend on each other, Leibniz's universe is not a container. For this reason, Leibniz defines space as the order of co-existences and time as an order of successation. The universe had no beginning because the monads were always one in God. The universe also has no end because God is eternal. Thus, there is no end to the monads unless God destroys them. Since all monads can change internally, all monads exist in Leibniz's space and pass into new successations as internal changes are made.


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    Rresponse to Anonymous,

    Too many people don't know about this slow grind of God because they do not know that God is active and gave all humans the ability to perceive Him.



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