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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The New Health Care Reform and Its Relation to an Active God and the U.S. Founding Documents

The recent law on health care reform is consistent with a monotheistic active God,the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. Below, I show that this new health care reform is godly and consistent with the thoughts of our founders and their founding documents.

This new health care law is aligned to the two phrases of the founders --- All Men are created equal and Laws of Nature and Nature's God. These phrases are found in the Declaration of Independence. The second phrase identifies two different laws that reveal God's intelligent design of His creation. In this second phrase, the Laws of Nature define all things that support all living things. Examples are suns, planets, land, and water. On the other hand, the Laws of Nature's God' define the nature of all living things such as plants, animals, and humans. The Laws of Nature's God' also define the morals (rights) of all humans. The U.S. founders identified some 'rights' in the Declaration of Independence. Then, on !2/15/1791, other 'rights' were identified when the Bill of Rights was added as ten Amendments to the Constitution. Since all true rights come from God, all man-made rights can be challenged. Below, I show that the new health care reform is a true right from God.

Soon after Abraham rejected idolatry and identified monotheism, God was found to be perfect and incomprehensible. With this later finding, man also found that all created things originated in God and are thus images of God. In the modern period, man found that the human specie is the closest image of God because God gave wisdom only to humans. This form of wisdom is the ability to 'develop knowledge.' All humans have thus received a major purpose from God. Since a perfect God cannot live in His imperfect universe, it is clear that God gave man the purpose of caring for all life in the imperfect world He created.

Since God is perfect, all creatures can have some imperfections. Some imperfections appear late in life and imperfections never appear before a person dies. But some humans can be born with very bad imperfections. Since these bad imperfections cannot be predicted, a social contract and securing nation and a nation under God, like the USA, must provide health care for all humans. Health care is a right for all humans in the USA. Unfortunately, people who do not understand God and people who are atheists believe wrongly that 'health care' is only a privilege.

Finally, the USA was never a nation of citizens who are absolutely free. Only God is absolutely free. Since the USA is a nation under God, a deep study of 'independence' will show why our freedom has a limit and why health care is a true right of God. The story of an absolutely free person was presented on the TV movie named Jeremiah Johnson. The actor was Robert Redford and rejected the social relations of towns in this movie. By rejecting the security of the towns in the valleys below the mountains, he lost lost his wife ans a boy to unfriendly Indians and mountain animals. Socialism is thus not a way of developing an economy. Socialism is a way of living with security.


  • At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Baruch Cohen Perlenstein said…

    Abstain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages when you write a blog entry. You are setting a bad example for the children of the USA. The actor's name is Robert Redford, not Robert Redgrave. Moreover, you write: "The actor was Robert Redgrave who rejected the social relations of towns." That is wrong too. It was of course Jeremiah Johnson, not the actor, who, as you put it awkwardly, "rejected the social relations of towns."

    Baruch Cohen Perlenstein, member of the Education Renewal Committee

  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Thanks for the telling me the correct name of Redford. my wife informed me wrongly.

    However, when you charge me with consuming alcohol when I write, you expose your poor character and hatred for me as a Christian. I am a diabetic and am not a drinker.

    Obviously, your hatred of my real definition of 'socialism' is also showing your ignorance.

    How can you be accepted as a member of any Education Renewal Committeeal?



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