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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does Empiricfism Hide the Oil Plumes in the BP Deep Water Drilling in the Gulf of Mmexico?

The dictionary has many meanings for the word 'plume.' In the fields of ecology and geology, the meanings are as follows:

Ecology: A space in air, water, or soil containing pollutants released from a point source.
Geology: An upwelling of molten material from the earth's mantle.

In early June, BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said that he depends on the definition of 'plume.' He continued to insist that no massive underwater oil plumes in "large concentrations" have been detected from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. (click) However, an oil plume was seen on the website on Wednesday, May 26, 2010. BP planned a "top kill" designed to choke off the gusher of oil at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico by force-feeding it heavy drilling mud and cement on early Wednesday May 26, 2010. But the 'top kill' did not work. Instead, oil plumes continued to take oil to miles of U.S. land and shores.

Just like stones, trees,, planets, animals, humans, etc. are things, plumes are also.things. But atheists and materialists do not say that only things exist. They speak of environments also. Around 500 B.C., Anaxagoras said that each thing is in each thing. At that time, the world was spoken of as 'One is all' and 'All is One.' This world was difficult to understand until the 15th century. Then Nicholas of Cusa found that the absolutely maximum is absolute minimum and thus exist only in God. So the concepts 'everything' and 'nothing' will never be found in the universe. Thus, infinity and zero are not numbers; environments do not exist; and indivisibles must exist is every thing. Galileo followed Cusa in his study of bodies. He found that all bodies have an infinite number of indivisible parts. So if one continually divides a foot ruler and its parts into half, the foot ruler is found to have no end. The same is true for all things and plumes in the universe.

A scientist can becomes confused if his or her mind depends only on sensual knowledge (empiricism). With sensual knowledge, the human minds cannot reason properly with respect to the universe's immeasurably large and immeasurably small regions. This reasoning ability does not exist in our atheists, our materialists, and all BP personnel. This explains why oil plumes cannot be detected by Doug Suttles and other BP personnel.

BP's deep water oil drilling problem occurred because the Western world atheists and materialists reject God and metaphysics. Because of these rejections, BP personnel are thus unable to determine the immeasurably large and small plumes in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, sensual knowledge (empiricism) is being promoted by the founders of Project Reason. (click) This project is destroying the field of science in England and the USA.

The people who live in the States adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico are suffering because Western scientists do not understand oil plumes. Let's put the blame on the right persons for the current oil drilling problem. Further, deep water drilling is not ready to serve any market.


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