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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New Medical Theory and Practice

My current study of the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus Christ have revealed the limit of our medical care. My study says that our medical care has been limited because many U.S. citizns are atheists. This limit of medical care came in the U.S. when the National Institutes of Health limited research to human life as a mechanism. Fortunately, this medical limit was extended recently when alternative medicine was added to the research agenda. But this limit can be extended to infinity.

In chapter 1 of the Gospel According to St, Mark, I learned that Jesus was a healer of patients who had palsy. To heal such a patient, Jesus says that we have the power to forgive sins. Here, Jesus is saying that we can learn truths about God and the Universe. By learning such truths,, we are also able to destroy falsities that were residing in our mind. Jesus is thus telling us that every human has the power to heal themselves and other people. In the New Testament, we learn that Jesus heals many palsy patients. Jesus seems to say that palsy emerges if a person accepts a false theory about God and the Universe. Example of false theories are atheism, materialism, evolutionary theory, deism, etc..

Palsy is a problem associated with the nervous system. Panentheism, a modern theory of God and the Universe, is a modern version of the work of Jesus Christ on healing. Panentheism says that our mind is functionally related to every part of our bodies. This connection makes us a whole. To heal a palsy patient, Jesus made the patient 'whole' by removing a false belief of the patient and adding a new belief. In order to heal palsy patients, our medical doctors must learn how God made the universe and humans.

An interesting question is: Can cancer, autism and other sicknesses be healed by removing false beliefs and restructuring the mind with a new belief? Jesus says that if a person is whole, this person will have no need of a doctor. Jesus also taught fasting.


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