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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Lord, and the Son of God

The ancient scriptures are confusing people today because our modern thoughts about God and the universe are changing rapidly and out-dating scriptures. For instance, the term, Lord, and the phrase, Son of God confuse the people today. This confusion comes from the KJV and its Alphabet The KJV Bible in Alphabet says wrongly that the term Lord means the God of Israel, Jesus, and persons in authority. This state met is confusing because the God of Israel is named YHWH; Jesus is not the only Son of God but is the Son of man, that is, the Son of David; and persons of authority could only be 'all Spirits' that God created. Thus, a modern Bible is needed ant the term, Lord, should be removed because only one God exists. But when I find extensive work on God and the universe, I have probably found a 'big thinker,'' not a Lord

The Son of God is also confusing our modern thinking. Today, the terms, Father and Son, can be applied only to humans and their mother and fathers. Bloodlines and evolutionary theory ares false theories. The phrase, Son of God, cannot be applied to God and one human such as Jesus, because many new Sons and Daughters appear as time passes. The teachings of Jesus were excellent for his time. But other excellent teachings are appearing as time passes. Jesus would agree that all humans, all dogs, all trees, all suns, etc. come from God. Thus, we cannot apply the phrase 'Son of God' to all of the things that God create.

In St. Matthew's words, I do not find any statement in which Jesus that says that he is the Son of God. In Ch. 16 at verses 16 and 17, Jesus tells Simon Peter that the Son of God can be revealed to him only by the Father in heaven. This is why Jesus speaks of himself only as the Son of man. So Judas' betrayal of Jesus tells the priests that Jesus is the Son of God. This betrayal was false. This betrayal led to a payment to Judas by the priests. When the priests asked Jesus whether he is the Son of God, in Ch. 26, verse 63, Jesus answered this question in verse 64 --- that he and many other humans are the Son of man. So, I conclude that the crucifixion of Jesus was murder without justice.

It is time to wind the clock and move forward.


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