Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, September 08, 2012

25. We Cannot Know God. But We Can Understand God Better and Better As Time Passes.

In yesterday' blog, I understood God better when I learned that the concepts 'cooperation' and 'competitive' are logical opposites.  Yesterday, I also said that competition is an ungodly concept and that cooperation is godly. Yesterday, the fear of socialism was thus defeated.

I also understand God better because He used the thought, cooperation, to build an infinite number of divisible things for our universe.  God makes these divisible things from the infinite number of indivisible things that He had made by contracting some of the attributes that define the universe He will create. Accordingly, God has attributes that will remain unknown to us because God creates the best but not a perfect universe.

Christians say that God is trinitarian. Thus, they say that God is Father, Son and Spirit (or Holy Ghost). With thees three words, Christians say that Jesus is the Son of God and is a Lord --- a creator and creature.  Nicholas of Cusa says that these three words can be translated into scientific language.  So, Cusa views God as One, Equality, and Union.  Cusa says that Union means 'eternal procession.' I do not accept God as trinitarian. I accept God scientifically as One.

My new book on "A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God," says
that God is One but has many attributes that can create a huge universe that never ends. For instance, if God's infinity is not numbered, God is able to contract His unnumbered infinity to create many different, numbered, finite, and infinite number of divisibles for the universe.

The concept of 'contration' is still a scientific theory.  However, this theory has found it first proof with the concept of 'cooperation.'


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