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Monday, March 26, 2007

A Book Review by Me on "The Blind Watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins

In the 1950s, I was in the field of telemetry and was in a group of national leaders who were forcing the US electronic industry to shift its products from analog to digital. This shift was slow but successful because this shift led to the personal computer found in most homes today. This shift was necessary because the space program was moving into microelectronics fast. With the demand for miniaturization, the field of telemetry had to shift its measuring techniques from continuous to discontinuous (sampling). In this shift, electronic commutators replaced the mechanical commutators, which were used in automobiles to sequence control spark plug energy to the cylinders.

In Chapter 2 (Design), p. 35, Dawkins seems to indicate that sampling data and continuous data might be identical for some purposes in a living thing. I do not believe that this identity can ever be made unless the sample rate can be made to be determinately infinite. While a sampling data system is a high technology used by engineers on practical projects, the determination of truths in science will suffer with any sample data system.

While Dawkins study of bats with the high technology of sampling is interesting, it does not follow that we can accept the idea that unconscious machinery can behave as if it understands complex mathematical ideas. (p.52) He says that this idea applies also to living machines. But, he says that our experiences with technology has encouraged our mind to see wrongly a conscious and purposeful designer. This designer is God. Dawkins says that the designer of living things is unconscious natural selection, the blind watchmaker. This statement does not follow these ideas and the discussion of bats in any rational way. If man’s knowledge grows continuously, as history seems to show us, how can unconsciousness natural selection cause increases in conscious human knowledge? It seems as though an unblinded watchmaker must exist if human knowledge is continuous rather than discontinuous. So, i believe that a blind watchmaker is an illusion, just as the pic above is an illusion.

Since humans are the only beings that can create symbolic languages and find laws and build knowledge with them, it seems that humans can know all living and nonliving things better and better as time passes, that is, if a conscious and purposeful designer exists and if this designer appears in our world to sample life’s progress. In my recent book, The First Scientific proof of God, I prove scientifically that God exists. There, I also prove that God must appear in our world discontinuously to teach us God’s progressive wisdom. Unlike God who never throws His machines on a dump, engineers can throw their nonliving machines there without disturbing God or us


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