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Saturday, March 24, 2007

When Scientists and Mathematicians Accept God, They Will Find a New Scientific Method

Today, the scientific method is a method of doing science without considering God in the method. So, today’s scientists begin an inquiry into the unknown by collecting sensual data. Such data are called phenomena. Next, a theory is developed to explain the phenomena. If the theory explains (or proves) the phenomena, a scientific law has been found. Finding a law means that future phenomena can be predicted. Fewer times, a scientist will begin with a theory after which phenomena will be collected to explain (or prove) the theory.

Only recently, physical scientists wondered about the origin of the phenomena they have found. Since they found hundreds of laws that explain physical phenomena, they developed a theory on the origin of phenomena. This theory is known as the Big Bang theory and is thought to explain all phenomena. Thus, they and their followers, the evolutionists, say that the behavior of all living and nonliving things will be predicted by physical laws. So, a couple’s next sexual encounter, a person’s next drink of water, our acts of freedom, etc. will soon be predicted. Such ungodly predictions are the result of today’s outdate scientific method.

The scientific method must change if one accepts the belief that God is the origin of all phenomena. As I say in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, the scientific method must change because God made the phenomena of some things both predictable and unpredictable. Here, we see that some things created by God have opposing attributes that coexist. I say that God made these things by adding life to a dead universe. We see this life when we choose to watch birds, go fishing, going to a social event, etc. or choose to eat and sleep properly, educate ourselves, maintain self-evident moral laws, etc.

Atheism and atheists, because God’s existence had not been proven earlier, are supporting the Big Bang theory, evolutionary theory, and non believing politicians and judges. Isn’t it time for the fields of science and mathematics to check into God and the new scientific method that comes with God?

The Pic represents the human life of some of today's scientists and mathematicians.


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