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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reinterpreting the New Testament at Matthew, Chapter 24

Our knowledge about a monotheistic God is expanding and this expanding knowledge is causing us to change our interpretations of scriptures. Religious leaders do not like these changes because they do not like to admit errors in their teachings. But, they must learn to admit such errors because God made our languages dynamic and did not make any infallible humans. Knowledge is something that grows forever. So, all people must accept this truth.

Nicholas of Cusa shows us that a monotheistic God has no oppositions. Thus, he shows us that no things exist in between God and any created things. Thus, no mediators, such as angels, anti-Christ, Satan, devils, demons, etc., exist. Such things are created by an ill-minded person.

So, when Jesus tells us that certain things must come to past in Matt. 24:6, he is telling us that wars and rumors of war will stop only if our knowledge grows and we stop the warring ourselves. Thus, Jesus is not telling us that certain wars must happen as a result of a plan God made. At verse 13, Jesus asks all people to support His teachings at all times. And, if you support them, you will endure to the end. He says, that end will bring tribulations (verse 21) and shortened days (verse 22) because the earth is dying and will be spinning faster. Earth will spin faster because the sun will darken after our tribulations diminish (verse 29). The darkened sun will eliminate the moon’s light, And, the stars will appear to fall as if they have been shaken (verse 29). In the end, there will be no flesh (verse 22) left on earth because our planet and everything on it will be consumed slowly by the fusion energy furnace of the sun.

To save people from these tribulations, the Son of Man will appear in the eastern sky (verse 27)with angels (verse 31). The Son of man is the son of God in a different body. And, the angels are normal humans who are trained to operate a huge group of very large spacecrafts that can save people from dying planets. Jesus uses the signs of the fig tree to teach us how we can also develop knowledge of the coming of the Son of man (verse 32). He says that all of these signs must be fulfilled (verse 35) before the Son of man will come. Today, we might estimate that planet earth will not begin its death until a few billions years pass. Jesus says that only God the Father knows exactly when the son of man will come (verse 36).

Jesus tells us that the Son of man will prepare to save people on planet earth much like the Babylonian Noah prepared a boat to save people from the floods of the Tigris-Euphrates rivers (verses 37 through 41). He warns people who do not prepare for the coming of the Son of man (verses 42 through 51). On this warning, it is thus that any person who rejects God or does not help man to expand our knowledge will be weeping and gnashing their teeth. (verse 51). Since this teaching of Jesus makes it clear that reincarnation applies to creation of a monotheistic God, it seems as though the Son of man can also save people at their natural death.

The early interpretation of Matthew, Ch 24 was an error because the ancients of Jesus’ time did not know that planets die. However, the early belief that planet earth is the center of the universe also helped to cause this early misinterpretation of Matthew, Ch. 24.


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