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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Form a Revealed Religion?

Continuing yesterday’s blog, the Christian belief that God appears in our world as the Son makes Christianity and Judaism very different religions. Technically, the appearance of God as Jesus Christ forces Christians to be called theists and forces Jews to be called deists. As theists, Christians thus have an active God whereas Jews are waiting for their Messiah to appear in our world as their leader. Based on yesterday’s discussion, we can say that Christians have the true and active monotheistic God. At the same time, we can say that Jews and Muslims do not have the true and active monotheistic God.

But, another idea separated Christianity from Judaism and Islam. This idea uses the words ‘prophet’ and ‘prophesying.’ Today, the prophet has become modernized and is known as a ‘theorist’ whereas prophesying has also become modernized and is known as ‘theorizing.’ Judaism and Islam become separated from Christianity when they say that Jesus Christ is a prophet and is not God.

Yet, Christianity became unified with Judaism after Christians and Jews agreed that God can communicate with man. As I said in my blog yesterday, a monotheistic God cannot communicate directly to man across the infinite gap that separates God and man. However, this infinite gap was overcome when Jews and Christians concluded that God inspires the scribes of scriptures through a spirit that is ‘in’ man. This inner spirit is found at Job 32:8. It is through this spirit that the Old Testament became known as the ‘word of God.’ With this spirit, the Old Testament and the New Testament were unified and became known as the Bible. The Bible puts the Old Testament on the same level as the teachings of Jesus Christ. I conclude that this unification was wrong because it reduces the divine teachings of Jesus Christ to that of a prophet.

Today, many people have become atheists because they either reject the idea that God inspires scribes or rejects the existence of God in any form. This first rejection is appropriate because the spirit that Job speaks of is nothing other than the human ‘mind.’ So, we must ask today’s religious leaders to correct these ancient errors. And, we must also ask them, ‘Aside from what is found in the New Testament, what real truths can be found in other Western world scriptures?’
Since the Old Testament consists of words only of normal humans, by uniting the New Testament with the Old testament to form the Bible the early Christians have lowered the effectiveness of the words of Jesus Christ to those of only a prophet. Modern Christians must thus separate Christianity from Judaism. Since Muhammad was a Nester Christian and the Qur’an was aligned primarily to the Old Testament after Muhammad’s death, modern Christians must also separate Christianity from Islam. My book, The First Scientific proof of God, can help in making these separations. Christians must become proud to become aware of the true nature of a monotheistic God and the real work of the Son in our world.


  • At 2:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    in judaism how do teach about god?

  • At 9:58 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    response to Anonymouse,

    All religions should teach science and a theology.

    One teaches science by teaching the 'laws of nature' that man has found about the universe.

    One teaches a theology by accepting a monotheistic God and teaching the laws of a monotheistic God that man has found about God.

    There is nothing more to teach.

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