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Monday, March 19, 2007

Trying to Understand My Tough Book: The First Scientific Proof of God

Different fields of thought or work use different symbols. These different symbols make it difficult for a person to take a new job. And, they make it difficult for a person to read a new book. When I wanted to learn about philosophy, I got a book titled 'An Introduction to Philosophy.' I couldn't understand it because it has new words that I have never used. When I took a new job at the US Department of Justice I also was exposed to many new words that are used only in the justice system. I put the philosophy away. About a year later, I picked the book up again and I could understand it better. Soon, I understood philosophy. In my new justice job, people helped me to learn the meanings of the new justice system words. And, soon, I understood this system.

We still do not understand how the mind works. But, these two experiences told me that the mind is more complex than our brain researchers say. When I wrote my book, I tried to simplify it as much as I could for the reader. So, if you buy my book and find it difficult, put it down for awhile. Then, pick it up again in several months and note that it seems to becoming simple. This simplification could be caused by mental processes that we have not found yet.

Some people have told me that my book is tough. I realize this because my book covers all fields of thought that deals with God and the universe. So, if you are reading a tough book like mine, put it down for awhile and give your mind a chance to do its silent work.


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