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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Consequence of Reinterpreting Matthew’s Chapter 24 in the New Testament

The major consequence of reinterpreting Chapter24 of Matthew in the blog below is that the popular concepts of Heaven and Hell, which most people hold today, exist only in the human mind and do not exist in some Paradise somewhere in the universe. Thus, Heaven is not a place where couples meet each other and their aunts and uncles, and their grandparents after death as the lyrics of many country songs say.

With the new interpretation, a wife or husband, parents, grandparents and children must always be honored for their contribution to the purpose of God’s creation. This honor must be held before and after the deaths of their family members.

Another major consequence is the necessary contribution of all people to the purpose of God’s plan. A few people cannot do the work for all. And a few people cannot hold most of the wealth of an economy. The life that God created is eternal. If this reinterpretation is correct and Jesus Christ is God, then the whole world must change radically.


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