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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Field of Physics Is Failing Again

Most US citizens do not know that the field of physics seeks and gets billions of dollars from the US government only because they do not use the word God in their research reports. But, other fields of thought also do not use the word God in their reports. So, they can also get this free money from the taxpayers. What made these sweet arrangements possible? The answer is simple. Government, specifically the US Supreme Court, made this flow of money possible when it decided that the Declaration of Independence was not part of the body of US laws. This Supreme Court error is still unknown to Congress and the President. So, government agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, and these fields of thought have formed a quiet partnership that can use taxpayer monies at will. And, they can use this money without even producing something useful for US citizens. This ‘government/all fields of thought complex’ is worse than the ‘military/industrial complex’ that was identified by President Eisenhower.

When the field of physics learned that a chemical atom can be split into smaller and smaller parts, they did not like what they found --- that the true atoms were not there. So, they decided to fabricate the true atom. This atom is called a ‘string.’ But, this fabricated atom exists only in the minds of physicists. Thus, the reality of an atom is only a guess. However, I knew that the string is not the true atom soon after I heard about the string theory. I knew the string is not the true atom because its one dimenitional lenght is still divisible. The true atom is actually indivisible, So, for the last 30 years, string theorists and government agencies have been having a good and long party. Now they have a hangover and want to pass their hangover over to the taxpayers. This new and unlawful government/physics complex was made possible when government removed God from itself. Thus, while most people in the USA believe in God and I worked hard to prove scientifically that God exists, this new complex can operate as long as its members say, 'I reject God.' The Union of the USA has indeed become very irrational!!!!!!

To learn more about this new failure in the field of physicists, read the new book by Lee Smolin, "The Trouble With Physics." This failure has many impacts. One will be Darwin's evolutionary theory, which depends totally on the field of physics. Smolin wants the school of physics to return to basic ides about space, time, and the quantum world. I do not agree fully with Smolin on the ideas of space and time because space is God-made, in His Intelligent Design of the universe, whereas time is man-made. But, increasing research on the idea of a quantum world is excellent. Bernard Haisch, in his book on "The God Theory,' also suggests more research on quantum mechanics. If quantum mechanics is developed and aligned to Leibniz's true atoms, which is his monadology and which I apply in my book, I believe that a new and real school of physics will redevelop. When will physicists recognize God and His activities in the universe? The unshaken proof of God's existence is found in my book. This proof is a new opportunity for those string theorsts who are losing interests in strings.


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