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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is It True to Say, ‘A Theory Can Never Be Proven?'

England’s Richard Dawkins supports the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin. I reject Dawkins' book and Darwin's theory because I believe in God and know that a belief in evolutionary theory is inconsistent with a belief in God.

However, evolutionists are trying to save evolutionary theory from its defeat by the theory of God. One way they try to save Darwin’s theory is to say ‘a theory can never be proven because it can be disproved.’ Such a statement is made by B. Anderson in my review of Dawkins’ book titled ‘The Blind Watchmaker. Click. Scroll down to Dawkins’ book and click on Comment. Then, scroll down to "B Anderson.’ There, Anderson says,

"Dear George, All scientists know that a theory can NEVER be proven. It can only be disproved. I will not critique your education or your experience as a scientist, however reading every piece of literature written by so-called scientists about topics of religion, global warming, medicine, etc. takes a tremendous amount of time. Thus, most of us choose carefully what we will spend our time on. A statement like "...evolutionary theory, which is a theory that is waiting to find its first proof" is tremendously telling. I will read your book and your blog if I have time. But it is pretty far down on my list. "

Anderson has a beautiful and open mind. This kind of mind is hard to find today in the USA. However, my scientific proof of God, once proven, can never be disproved. Anderson’s statement contains only a half-truth. It is true only about theories about things in the universe. When God is added to the world with the universe, one learns that God would never change and would be the same God for all people forever.

So, once God has been proven by many people, the proof of God never changes Only theories about God’s universe will change. This is why I teach that the universe is changing from one phase to the next phase, just as the integer numbers go from 1 to 2, 3, 4, ...etc. And, just no highest integer exists, the universe has no highest phase. This is why I say that spirits never die. Only their bodies die and only because of aging.

So, I urge you to evaluate my scientific proof of God. This is a simple proof from God, who Nicholas of Cusa called ‘the Simple One.’ If you were to study the subjects in my book, you must purchase many books. Your studies would also take 25 yearsa, the time it took me. The works of Plato and Nicholas of Cuse would require long studies. One problem in this study is that you must remove your Aristotle MINDSET from your brain and then you must reorganize your brain into a Platonic MINDSET. My book speeds and simplifies your great task. So, get a copy now before my works are also lost, as Plato's and Cusa's works were lost for 2000 years and 500 years respectively. I conclude that the early reviewers of my book did not really review my book because it would take too much time time. So, they offered the only review they could ... dishonorably. The pic is a sign of what you can expect if you do not open my book to its simplicities.


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