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Friday, December 25, 2009

Are the Modern Christian Leaders Becoming Warmongers?

The teachings of Jesus Christ are not taught properly by Western Christian churches. In this blog, I hope to show that the Western Christians churches are outdated, are dishonest, and are the root causes of all recent U.S. wars. First, I provide important information on the Old Testament. (click)

The Old Testament was constructed by Jews between the 12th and the 2nd century BC. I conclude that the developments of the the Old Testament stopped in the 2nd century because the very new and different Greek writings of Plato and Aristotle had become available in the 3rd century. Thus, I conclude that Plato and Aristotle influenced the translations of the Old Testaments to other nations. For instance, the Greek translation of the Old Testament became known as the Septuagint. This translation was used by those early Christian who were Greek speakers. The writings of John and Paul in the New Testament seem to be based on the Septuagint. Accordingly, it is clear that the work of Plato and Aristotle influenced the development of the Septuagint.

Today, the Eastern Christian Church still uses the Septuagint in its untranslated form. Of interest to us is that Eastern Christians told Nicholas of Cusa and other Western Christians about the Plato's writings, which had been lost for over a thousand of years after Aristotle's logical reasoning was selected by the Roman Church. So, the relations between the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Septuagint, and Plato are clear and can be proven with ease. It is also clear why the socislistic Russian nations do not force the Eastern Christians out.

But let's ask Christians why they do not have any facts about Jesus Christ for his first thirty years. I did my own research on the scientific teachings of Jesus Christ. I conclude that Jesus learned in Greece what he knew as a mature person. The writings of St. John, St. Paul, and the Gospel of Thomas clearly show that Jesus Christ was a very good prophet but was neither God nor the Son of God as modern Christians say.

Unfortunately, only Christians, who are trained in science, can understand this blog. However, it is important that this blog be debated because I conclude that all recent wars have been caused by the ignorance of today's Christians. Sending children to wars today, only to be killed for the purpose of preserving the stubborn thoughts of Christian leaders, is nonsense.


  • At 7:24 AM, Anonymous VG said…

    Do you ascertain that Jesus Christ was a prophet and that his pure intention was to deliver the teachings of a God? Just curious.

  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to VG,

    Yes, I say that Jesus was a prophet. Paul tells me that when he spoke of prophesying as specialized work in I Thess. 5:20. Today, the ancient prophet has become known as specialists such as a scientist, moralist, or theologian.

    After considerable study and thought, I concluded that Jesus became educated mostly in Greece and returned home to save his Jewish followers from the powerful Jewish leaders, whose many teachings were false.


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