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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

As new truths are found by man about a monotheistic God and the universe God, nations must change the way their people think and behave. For instance, a change must be made on the meaning of the U.S. holiday, December 25. At this time, this date represents the birthday of Jesus Christ, who is worshipped only by Christians. Since State and Church are separated by the U.S. Constitution, Christmas Day can be viewed as an illegal holiday in the USA.

Following the Old testament, the ancient Christians thought that God (the Messiah) could comie to our finite world. Today, we know that God is infinite and cannot appear in our world. The ancient Christians also thought that God is God and man and that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and rose from the dead. They also thought that that Jusus is divine, is a Savior and Lord, and is the only begotten Son of God. Today, we know that Jesus Christ is a created like all human beings are created. History tells us that the Christian, Nestorian (386-451 AD), led to Nestorianism, which rejects this Roman Church belief and saying. (click) This same history also tells us that Muhammad became a follower of Nestorian. Here, we find the origin of Islam and today's wars between Muslims and Christian/Jewish nations.

Nestorianism says that Jesus Christ was a created person, just as all other humans are created by God. Today, the modern scientists, such as Galileo and Leibniz, agree with Nestorianism. So modern scientists say that the ancient Roman Church was wrong. Today's Christians are thus worshipping a person as well as God. It is time for religions to update their scriptures.


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